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Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, a homeowner looking to invest in an additional residential property, or someone who’s planning to renovate an existing home, Intelligent Financial Solutions can help in finding the right loan that fits your needs.

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Buying your first home can be challenging. So providing extra careful assistance is essential to ensure that your first home buying is a worry-free experience.

Are you eyeing on a great property to rent out but the strict requirements to acquire adequate financing keeps on hindering you? A mortgage broker’s service can be the solution you need!

Employment is one of the factors for loan approval, so getting approved when you are self-employed can be a bit more demanding. A professional broker’s assistance can get you through with the process with ease.
Your current residential property might not be the home of your dreams yet, but refinancing for improvement can always be an option—gradually turning your dream home into reality.
If your first payment scheme did not work for you, Intelligent Financial Solutions can help you redesign and renegotiate your existing loan.
Are you planning to move houses with the intention of selling your current property? Bridging loans are the recommended type of loan for you. Its complicated processes and terms make a broker extremely helpful.
There are certain circumstances that can make loan approval hard for you, but with the right guarantor and a dependable broker, the process can be as smooth as it can be.
For irregular and unexpected expenses, you may want to opt for a line of credit, allowing you to borrow on an as-needed basis up to a maximum amount.
Intelligent Financial Solutions can help you find the right trust company and lender for your home loan, we can act as an intermediary between you, your trustee, and the lender.
If you want financing away from the public loan market, you can be matched with a private equity firm to fund or invest on your property.
Although banks ideally approve loans to applicants with domestic income, a foreign source of income should not be a hindrance to get your loan approved. With the right broker, it would be hassle-free.
If a standard loan does not match your mortgage need, you might need help in finding a more flexible scheme in the form of a complex loan.
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